CCS founding board member Ana Merino releases ILLUSTRATING SPAIN IN THE U.S., a collection of comics and scholarly essays

New books alert! The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) founding board member Ana Merino published a collection of comics and scholarly essays with Fantagraphics Books in January. ILLUSTRATING SPAIN IN THE U.S. discusses the often overlooked contributions made by Spanish immigrants throughout U.S. history. An accompanying comics exhibit curated by Merino is on display until 3/6 in Washington, D.C. at the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain.

“Comics are an essential educational tool and for those who do not know anything about comics, I think it will be a unique experience because they will find out how much one can learn by reading comics, especially when they are imbued with knowledge and references to very important traditions,” said Ana Merino of her new exhibit at the Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain.

Spanish artists who contributed to ILLUSTRATING SPAIN IN THE U.S. include Sergio Garcia Sanchez, Rayco Pulido, Ana Penyas, Seisdedos, Anapurna, Mireia Pérez, Carla Berrocal, Max, Sonia Pulido, and colorist Lola Moral.

“I believe these are important issues, for us to know our history, and for the U.S. to know their history as well, and see the many traditions they come from” said Ana Merino who hails from Madrid, Spain. From the Revolutionary War to Hollywood, Spanish immigrants have played an integral role in forming America’s political, cultural, and scientific legacy.

But there’s more! Ana Merino also released her second novel, AMIGO, in February. It’s considered a fictional historical must-read for fans of poet, essayist, and activist Federico Garcia Lorca, and his friend, Joaquin Amigo. AMIGO joins Merino’s, EL MAPA DE LOS AFECTOS, which won the 2020 Nadal Prize.

Merino has been instrumental in the development of academic training in comics. She has written considerably on comics and graphic novels, including two academic books and a monograph on Chris Ware, and has curated five comics exhibitions. Merino was also a CCS board member from 2004-2014 and served on the International Comic Arts Forum (ICAF) executive committee from 2001–2011. She delivered ICAF’s 20th anniversary keynote address, “Comics Reinventing Creativity in the Museum.”

In addition to being an invaluable comics and CCS resource and advocate, Merino is an award-winning writer, poet, professor, and founder of the Spanish MFA program at the University of Iowa. Congratulations, Ana!

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