The Curie Society by Adam Staffaroni ’07 to release in April

The Curie Society by Adam Staffaroni ′07 and Heather Einhorn is releasing with MIT Press in April 2021.  In this 200-page color comic, a covert team of young women—members of the Curie Society, an elite organization dedicated to women in STEM—undertakes high-stakes missions to save the world. And the comic is only the beginning of the adventure.

The Curie Society introduces an entertaining, empowering media universe for fans hungry to read about brilliant, analytical young women as scientific heroes. Stay tuned for more Curie Society missions featuring our heroes saving the world through their STEM skills and teamwork.

From MIT Press

Adam Staffaroni ’07 is also co-creator and executive producer on two scripted podcast series. Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery is a teen detective story. Tig Torres investigates the infamous “Lit Killer” murders in her hometown, Hollow Falls. Season one has completed with five episodes, and season two is coming soon. And Daughters of DC is a teen political thriller set in Washington, DC. Prep school student Jaymes and friends are thrust into a global conspiracy after the DDOC app, where they share all their secrets, is hacked.

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