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The five finalists of the Sobey Art Award 2023 are Michèle Pearson Clarke, Séamus Gallagher, Kablusiak, Gabrielle L'Hirondelle Hill and Anahita Narouzi.
One of the most sought-after portrait painters of his generation, Glyn Philpot modernized the genre through his choice of subjects and an open expression of his homosexuality.
Judy Anderson's "Exploit Robe (Toying Around)" articulates and carries forward the deeply meaningful tradition of honouring relationship of family, and in particular of mother and child.
Also an experienced printmaker, the painter J.M.W. Turner saw printmaking as an integral part of his practice, disseminating his work and helping create a new understanding of the possibilities of the landscape genre.
The National Gallery of Canada building on Sussex Drive opened 35 years ago, providing innovative spaces and galleries for its diverse collection of works of art.
One of Canada’s leading Impressionists, Helen McNicoll produced atmospheric paintings infused with radiant light and vibrant colour.
Modernist artist Margaret De Patta created photograms that served as a vehicle for translating the legacy of Constructivism and the Bauhaus style into her jewellery creations.
Artist Paul P. comments on the juxtaposition of his work and prints, drawings and paintings by artists who belonged to the often-overlapping worlds of the homosexual, the dandy and the aesthete.
Spending time with a work of art has been proven to be beneficial for well-being as much as enjoyment. Riopelle's "Hommage aux nymphéas – Pavane" is one such work that entices visitors to look closely.